Our Smart Cars


Aegean Goddess owes 10 Smart for two all of which in perfect mechanical condition.

Safety First:

All our cars come with 2 airbags , ABS and automatic or semi-aitomatic gearbox.

Their mechanical condition is tested every six months from national and private  certified garages at the city of Athens.


Fun to drive:

Leather Seats: All our vechicles wear leather seats.

Media Player: Our audio player comes with a jack where you can plug your cell and listen to your favourite music from your iOS, Android smartphone or ipod. USBs are also compatible.

Built in 4G (extra service): If you want to share your moments with loved  ones at all times and while on road ask us to provide you our 4G mobile router with which you can post your photos, talk on skype or viber at any time while you away from internet connections.




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